Why I Ride... Thunderkat

Why I Ride… ThunderKat

Why I Ride... ThunderkatWell in the beginning it was just something to do with my husband. I never had a desire to ride a motorcycle let alone get on one. I RIDE for ME and thrill I get every time I mount up. I will tell every woman that ever thought about riding to try it, it may be for you or it may not but do it. When I’m riding I have a peace that comes over me that no one or nothing can take away. I get personal with my motorcycle when I’m on him or when I’m in the garage cleaning him up.

Your WHY need to be why you ride not someone else. The question is why do I still ride after so many close calls and I always say because MY ANGELS ARE SOME AWESOME ANGELS. God hasn’t decided to take me higher so I continue to ride.

Riding is a passion that I continue to visit weather hot, cold, or raining I love my Softail.

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