Why I Ride... Shifty

Why I Ride… Shifty

Why I Ride... ShiftyWell, in the beginning I didn’t know any females that rode. But I thought it would be cool. My brother and his friends all had bikes. I would ride on the back, but knew after a few times that I could not stand the feeling of someone else being in control. So I started to hound my brother to teach me.

At the time, he parked his bike, a 900RR, in a garage that was at the bottom of a steep hill. He told me if I can get the bike up the hill without it shutting off he would teach me. So I tried. The first time, I went up the hill and got stuck right in the middle so I rolled back down backwards. I tried again and the second time I made it to the top.

I was excited and kept pushing for more, so he decided to let me go up and down the block with him on the back a few times and then by myself. The next day I went to Orchard Beach and rode around in the parking lot learning how to switch gears and so forth. That same day I rode back to the garage on my own and the rest is history.

I ride because its my passion and the only thing I love as much as my children, family and self.

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