Why I Ride... Suga

Why I Ride… Suga

Why I Ride... SugaI grew up in an abusive household and was kicked out onto the streets at an early age. I spent many days not knowing where my meal would come from or where I was gonna lay my head. I moved in with a family member to finish school, get a job and get myself together. While continuing on my path to better myself and prove my father wrong, I had to battle my depression and insecurities. I was on the right path and I started dating a guy who rode a motorcycle.

One day he asked me to take a ride with him from NY to MD. I was terrified at first but then I said “you only live once”. He gave me a spare helmet and I got on the back of his bike. At first, I was terrified and kept my eyes closed tight. His only instructions were hold on tight and lean with him. Once I felt the warm breeze on my face after dealing with traffic, I fell in love.

I felt free of worries. I felt free of stress. I had a clear mind and enjoyed the beauty of the environment. No more thoughts of my struggles. No more thoughts of my father. No more daydreams of my past. No more depressed thoughts. Just the feeling of being free like a bird. I got addicted and wanted to go on more rides. Riding felt like the medication I needed to get me past my thoughts.

One day I asked his opinion about getting my own bike and learning to ride. He said “absolutely not, my place is on the seat behind him”. Needless to say I was signed up for the Tramas Riding School that spring. My coworker owned a few bikes. I explained my plans and he sold me a Yamaha YZF 600.

During the summer it was hard to find people to ride with me until I felt more secure. I grew impatient and since I had my motorcycle license, i started going on the road alone. It started with just around the area. Next my destination was to ride to friends houses and when I got comfortable I started hitting the highway.

Now…I’m crossing state lines and loving it. Not only did I love the ride but it taught me so much. I learned to love me more.

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