Why I Ride... Black Truth

Why I Ride… Black Truth

Why I Ride... Black TruthI was first introduced to motorcycles through my godbrother Ruben. Ever since I was little anything he did I followed behind doing the same. He got a vw and raced it. I got a mustang and raced it.

When he bought his bike, cbr 600 rr, I was super excited. I told my mom I want one and I’m getting me one. His mom told him it was not lady like and don’t put ideas into my head. So I chilled for awhile. Then in May of 2008 he died in an accident on 287. I got a call in the early early morning from his cousin telling me he was dead. I was tore up and broken beyond belief.

As we prepared for his funeral I sat my mom down and told her I was going to buy a bike as soon as I could pay for it in cash. A family secret we did not publicly tell people was my mothers health was not well. She had been suffering/living with systemic lupus. At that time she had lost her ability to speak due to strokes she had in 2005 and was having frequent seizures among a plethora of daily ailments. Not to mention her dialysis.

My mother and I had our way of communcating through sounds and faces. She expressed to me she was ok with my desire and asked how I would learn. I told her not to worry I already had my endorsement since I had previously taken a rider course. Whoops I forgot to tell her that but heyyy at least I was safe. lol.

I got my first bike in 2009 and I was hooked, it was a 2005 gsxr 600. My mom saw it and approved. Although she was getting worse I wanted her to see me ride. I had a friend who would go out with me and he helped me to get her out of the house and I made a few passes so she could see. She was crying and amazed. She gave me the “mothers love hug” and was crying. At the time I didn’t know this would be the last time she would see me ride as she lost her fight in Feb 2010.

I ride for my godbrother who saw it in me and my mother who lived life to the fullest. I know both would tell me to remember each day is a blessing so live it true and to the fullest.

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