Why I Ride... KO

Why I Ride… KO

Why I Ride... KOIt all started with my Dad, the day he put me on the tank of his Triumph Boneville at the tender age of 5, this girl was in love. The next step for me was in the dirt with my brothers and my Dad. I absolutely loved the dirt but it did not love me. After spending 2 weeks in the hospital and 3 months in a full leg cast I gave up the dirt.

Fast forward to my Navy days. At the amazing age of 21, I bought my first street bike in San Diego. A Honda Rebel that I rode all over the west coast.

Two’s have been a part of my life and in my blood since I can remember. To me it seems so natural to be on my bike, my second skin.

My bike of 13 years now is another Honda, a Sabre 1100, that’s that loyalty.

I guess you can “blame” my Dad for sparking that fire in me for the love of the road and my bike. Thanks Dad, best gift I have ever received!KO

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