Why I Ride... Bootsie

Why I Ride… Bootsie

Why I Ride... BootsieWhen I came across this website by a fellow rider on FB (women who wrench) I fell in love. Here was like minded women like me, who unabashed with their knowledge of the machine and the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed to, spoke freely.

My first recollection came about 40 years ago….I came from nowhere Minnesota, on a farm, my dad had one sic purple chopper! I loved it! Now I look back and think, wow, the 70’s and Easy Rider was tits! My dad had a little beat up Rupp mini bike; I was about 9 when I jumped on my first “hog” and rode the piss outa that thing! The torque action on that piece of metal would throw me straight back and up in the air if I dared clinched and twist too much! I had the fever, thought I was invincible until I slide down a dew laid grassy ditch and had the bare muffler kiss the inside of my thigh. GOD DAMN THAT HURT! Respect. She earned it….

My dad later bought me a Honda Trailblazer for my Confirmation at about 12/13 years old, to my mother’s chagrin. In about 3 summer’s I must have put at least 3k on it! I literally thought I was Evil Knievel! I remember going all the way down to the end of the farm, hitting the ditch, where I had ridden a clean patch of 100’s of runs prior. I would give that bitch snoose; try to jump the driveway, but to only be able to bring the front tire up about 3 inches. It was still a victory!

As I grew older, of course I wanted to drive a “cage” more than anything, but always wanted a “big girl bike”. Each decade I would promise myself I would get a “hog” and make it to Sturgis. 30 came and went, and with it a beautiful daughter. 40 came and went, and I was married, and he sure as HELL wasn’t going to have me on a damn motorcycle. So, out of spite, I got my damn credit card, went online, and bought me a 150cc Chinese scooter that came 10 days later in a huge wooden box; (some assembly required)! I put it together and rode that thing like I was king shit gain. It felt great to have the wind in my hair again! Two years later I wanted a “big girl bike” and tried to make concessions. This time I was stopped fast in my tracks! I had no license; I had been an outlaw this entire time! Lol So, out of spite, I went down to my local Harley dealership, threw down the money and received my motorcycle endorsement 8 days later! My husband was actually in awe….

I bought my first “big girl bike” that fall, a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard with 700 miles on it. Perfect! No… was good for about another year, but I looked like a damn circus bear on that little one cylinder thumper! So, out of spite, I took my husband last year on Mother’s Day to several Harley dealerships, where in turn, he bought me my first “big girl bike”, a 2014 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe.

This summer, before I turn 48, I will head on a 2000 mile trip to Sturgis with my brother. Excitement, love, fulfillment, joy can’t express my feelings on this awesome chapter of my life.

Why do I ride? Because I have come full circle….

Thanks Dad.

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