Why I Ride... Bawsee

Why I Ride… Bawsee

Why I Ride... BawseeI don’t have this amazing story or anything. I didnt grow up riding, I didn’t grow up in this life and I didn’t know anybody that was even a rider.

I was at a difficult point in my life and I was online looking for a place to move to and a Pop Up for motorcycles came across my screen. I clicked on it out of boredom and there it was, my bike. I got the check and rented a trailer and off for a 4 hour trip I went. It took me 2 weeks to even sit on my bike and I wasn’t sure I would ever REALLY ride it.

Once I sat on it…I knew that was ME this void I didn’t realize I had, has been filled. I taught myself to ride and I took the class after about a month or so. During the class I learned of “Bike Nights” so I showed up and sat in the parking lot out of curiosity. And I was approached by other riders and it was amazing.

I made it a point to ride with whoever invited me because I had fallen in love with it, I was good at it and wanted any of the free time, that I wasn’t being something to someone else (mom, wife, sister, daughter etc), to be spent doing it. It sounds cliche but riding honestly became therapy for me.

I LOVE this life and it all came natural like something I was supposed to do. Being on the open road with my thoughts and my bike was something I was meant to do. Be FREE and be ME.

Ive never been a club goer but a bike party I loved because I could ride, didn’t have to dress up and could be in the presence of others that loved what I loved. Im not a prissy, pretty chick so this fit me well. I love the shock and awe when I pull up on my bike and see the look on peoples faces and the comments of “oh you ride?”

I can’t remember much of my life before. Its even strengthened my bond with my daughter because if she doesn’t do anything else with me she will RIDE and I feel like her hero every time we do. She can’t ask me about a dress and makeup but she can ask me about a helmet, some gloves or some bike parts. Even my boys are hype to tell people their Mom rides.

I could go on and on about why I ride but my ADD is kickin in!

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