Why I Ride... Sexicana

Why I Ride… Sexicana

Why I Ride... SexicanaMy mother has been riding motorcycles since 1998, and I never really cared for it. She joined a motorcycle club in Connecticut called True Riders. They were extremely nice and loving towards me and any family members they met.

I started to hang around and ride on the back of the bikes of whom I was the closest to in her club, including on the back of my moms bike. I was happy just going to events and riding on the back here and there.

I was diagnosed with Lupus back in 2007 and became extremely sick. It got so bad that I couldn’t walk due to the excessive pain I endured. I remember thinking, theres no cure, I can die, but I haven’t lived yet. I mean so many thoughts ran through my head, and then a light bulb went off. I am going to learn how to ride! Whenever I get the opportunity and I am not in pain I am going to ride.

I began to take lessons, got my license and then we formed our own Bike Club called “Peaches & Cream MC”.

It’s been a struggle. Nobody will ever understand my struggles. When I am out riding, I feel like i am fighting my illness and winning. I feel superior and inspired to continue to do the things normal people are scared to do.

“Why Do I Ride” I ride because I never know when I might not be able to, I ride because there are times my body allows me to, I ride because I can encourage others by showing my determination and strengths, I ride because it is therapy and keeps me sane, I ride because I never know who God is going to introduce me to so that He may bless them, I ride because I want to. I can go on and on, but I ride not because people are watching, I don’t ride to be glorified, I don’t ride to be cool or noticed, I ride cause I want to and when I can. I am a fighter!!!

People are quick to make comments because people don’t ride as often as they can, they don’t ride as far as they can, they don’t ride as hard as they do. Tell me you have an illness with no cure, tell me your illness cripples you at times, tell me the type of pain you endure as you are leaned over riding on two wheels in the hot sun. Tell me you can ride with so many obstacles in your way. Tell me you can get back on after being struck by a car on the highway and seeing your life flash before your eyes….

Don’t worry what others think or feel, if you’re going to push yourself. Do it because its whats in your heart, because it is your passion. Really stop and think about “Why Do You Ride.” It’s a dangerous sport, in which people are dying constantly. If You are going to put your life at risk, ask yourself WHY and make sure you stand behind your WHY!!! God Bless and remember You can do ALL things Through CHRIST which Strengthens you!!!! #GodBless

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