Ms. Insecurity

Ms. Insecurity

Written by: Rebel Biker Chick

Hello. My name is Ms. Insecurity. All of you have met me, but I thought I would tell you who I am. I am normally on the back of my man’s bike. Not because I enjoy the ride, but because I have to watch his every move. You see, we have been together for quite a while, but I don’t trust him and he doesn’t trust me. With that being said….I give attitude to every woman I see. I will accuse her of wanting my man and cause drama where there is none. I will either be overly loud, as to be seen, or I will be salty and throw shade.

When I am not there as his backpack. I will make his life hell, just to keep me on his mind. Every time he goes out to ride, I will blow up his phone. Calling and texting, and giving him attitude about not responding. Though I know, he can’t respond on the bike.

I will put him in a position to have to choose between me and the ride. I will nag and bitch until he is angry. His friends will not want him to bring me around because of my negative attitude. This will lead them to stop inviting him to ride and hang out.

I will put our business out in the street for all to see. A couple hours later, I will bitch about everyone being in my business.

Bottom line is……Ms. Insecurity is in every circle. She regularly belittles and disrespects her man. She makes him look weak. To She has the power to bring brothers to blows, to destroy chapters and bring nations to war.

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