Why I Ride… Leggs

Why I Ride... LeggsI began riding in 1993, shortly after college. It’s kind of funny but I saw a woman in some track leathers and was bound and determined to have a pair of my own. I said to myself, “I’d look hot in those!”

LMAO! Still to this day I haven’t tried on a pair of track leathers or tried doing an actual track day. What seeing that woman in track leathers did was ignite a fire within me to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Unlike others, my parents didn’t own motorcycles or know how to ride them; in fact they tried to discourage me from riding.

During the time I learned to ride, you saw few women riding and more women riding as a passenger. Once I learned to ride, I was hooked.

Yes, I have been down; once as a passenger and the latest being in 2011 when I ended up in ICU with a major laceration of my liver and a cervical fracture. Most would say I’m surprised you are still riding but I tell them riding my motorcycle is like breathing, if I’m not able to ride my motorcycle I would feel as though I’m dying.

So I ride:
– because I can
– because I love the freedom
– because I love the comraderie
– because I love the adventure and


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