Why I Ride… Denise “KA” Morin


I grew up in the country, our next door neighbors were dairy cows we were so country. Growing up my parents had friends who would ride their Goldwing down to our house from the “city”, when they got there Bob would take me out and the feel of the sun and wind hitting my face was amazing. I always wanted to ride, but I was “a girl”.

Fast forward through life, a marriage, a kid, a divorce, another marriage and a retirement, I found myself bored and craving an adrenaline rush. My mentor and I got talking one night (he had just purchased a Goldwing and let me sit on it) and I confided to him that I wanted to ride, but had been told I could never do it because my throttle hand did not bend. After getting home that later that night, I started getting texts and pictures showing me that I could in fact ride with some modifications. So after speaking with my husband and son and told them what I wanted to do, I started looking for a bike.

The first bike I had was a Honda VTX 1300, orange and sexy as hell! I started riding it around my house practicing, then I would come home so excited I was like a kid on Christmas morning. The adrenaline rush I was seeking was available anytime I wanted it…just sitting there in my garage.

Four months after I started riding I went and bought my dream bike, a Road Glide, and 1 month after that went to Deal’s Gap and rode the Dragon! HOLY SHIT, what a trip, rode my ride and didn’t sleep that night I had some much energy flowing through me!!!

Riding is the outlet I needed to stay sane, become one with myself again, and to keep me young.

Not much of a story, but that is why I ride.

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