Why I Ride... Brown Suga

Why I Ride… Brown Suga

Why I Ride... Brown SugaThis first story has special significance for me. This is not my story. This is a short story my sister shared 2 years ago amongst a group of women. This special sister was passionate about riding. She epitomized what sisterhood is. You could not have found a better friend on the set and I was privileged to know her and share a special bond with her. My sister now journeys with me every time I throw my leg over my iron and twist that throttle. This is for you Brown Suga…

“I will share a story…When I was about 10…my Aunt pulled up to our house on this brand new Kawasaki. I was hooked and wanted to ride. My straight laced mom said HELL NO!! Not until u are old enough to buy ur own bike. Needless to say I thought she was gonna have a mild heart attack when I came home after college and bought a bike…LOL.”

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