Take a deep breath, calm down

Take a Deep Breath, Calm Down

Take a deep breath, calm downWritten by: Contro-versial

Every time I get on (my bike) I pause for a few seconds, there is an instant rush of adrenaline that makes my hands shake a little. Its not fear- its joy and excitement. Its respect for the machine. My dad told me “its not if you go down, it’s when you go down” I already went down, got that covered. I am still here.

When I am on my bike, I don’t give a crap about the everyday problems and issues I have to deal with.  I am free.

I don’t have to talk to anyone, except a few hand signals and an occasional head nod.  It charges my battery, it frees my mind, and it lets me be me for a few hours. Riding is my church, it is my faith and I practice it faithfully.

After a few miles my hands stop shaking, my breathing becomes normal. So focused that I can smell the colors of the road and hear the sun set or rise. That is the moment I am free. It’s just me in that Helmet, and that is perfectly fine. I have a deep love for this life; I will honor and defend protocol/traditions because its is the foundation of the house we live in. Knowledge and intelligence do not discriminate, but ignorance does. Know and understand your lane, than ride the hell out of it.

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