Why I Ride… By Porsche T.

Why I Ride... Written By Porsche T.

I ride for the freedom and fresh air. I love the rush of adrenaline that comes from high speeds and nice leans into turns. The feeling you get when your body molds into your machine and you connect with the road is almost indescribable. It’s the closest we come to physically flying. This was the feeling that I received after my first turn of the throttle, and I was hooked.

As I’ve grown into a mature rider, I’ve come to appreciate the sorority of women who ride. The fearlessness we exhibit bonds us across color lines. No matter where you go, you can always recognize a sister who rides. You speak the language of speed and wind. These relationships help to fuel my passion for speed and camaraderie. It’s this bond that I treasure most.

To any woman whose ever given a thought to riding a motorcycle, I encourage you to move outside of your comfort zone and learn to take flight.

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