Why I Ride... Jenn Brewington - Lil Tigger

Why I Ride… Jenn Brewington – Lil Tigger

Why I Ride... Jenn Brewington - Lil TiggerI ride because of the freedom! The freedom leaves me feeling like I can take on the world! It’s a great stress reliever. With speed added makes it even better! It’s a rush in my blood!

My bike is my best friend. It’s always ready, never late, no drama, no lies, gas and go! A friend that’s ready to keep me excited and full of fun!

Yes, I talk to myself and answer in my helmet time! Why not…I get to think of good and bad times. Problems and solutions…and what happens if I don’t return home.

Every ride becomes another learning experience. Every ride creates another reason to ride again!

Be careful they say…I say Pray and ride!

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