Why I Ride… Hush

Why I Ride... HushI don’t really have an inspirational story on why I began riding. There was no life changing event that put be “behind bars”.

I have always thought motorcycles were the coolest things on the road but my parent were EXTREMELY OPPOSED to me riding. Even in my early adulthood, their opposition made me reluctant to get a bike as I didn’t want to make their lives even more stressful than I already have. I can admit I was a very difficult child to raise.

After I grew up, got married and had a child, I realized that my desperate need for an adrenaline rush wasn’t going anywhere. I managed to convince my husband that I needed a motorcycle. I explained that it would save money on gas for my morning commute so it was an “economical” move. Somehow, to my surprise, he agreed.

With help from one of my buddies that has been riding for a long time I bought my very first bike…2005 Suzuki GSXR 600. A few days later I decided to ride it to work (my first ride outside my neighborhood). That’s when everything changed. I became HOOKED…no other way to put it. I absolutely fell in love with everything about being on the bike. I love the short rides as much as the long ones. I enjoy the scenery, the feel of the wind, and most of all I loved the adrenaline rush I feel every time I’m on my bike.

Today I’m on my 3rd bike. A 2001 GSXR 1000, his name is TheBeast and we have a very special relationship. He definitely takes me to my “happy place” every time we spend time together. The longer trips tend to be a little bit uncomfortable on a sports bike, so a Harley Davidson is definitely in my future.
One thing I can say with complete confidence is that NOT riding will never be an option for me as long as I’m breathing.

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