Why I Ride... Dark Chocolate

Why I Ride… Dark Chocolate

Why I Ride... Dark ChocolateGrowing up as a kid, my Dad’s friends would come over and give me rides on their bikes. I loved the feeling of it. When I got older, I had a few friends who rode and would take me for quick rides around my city. I never purchased a motorcycle of my own, because I was a single mom and figured that my time, energy and money should be spent on my child. Well in 2003, my son passed at the age of nine. I was heartbroken and realized that we only live once and that we could go and anytime.

I started saving for my first bike. I wanted to pay in cash because I didn’t want a monthly bill. Once I got all of the money needed for a motorcycle, I took the motorcycle course at the Community College here in my area. After completing the class and passing the test at the DMV, I purchased my first bike and named him “JR”. It was a small bike, but I rode that thing like it had done something to me.

At one point, I was the only female riding with the guys in my area. They took me out and helped me craft my riding skills. They told me that I was a great listener and that I could ride with them ANYWHERE. It was times when they would take off and book down the road, but they always made sure that I was ok, by waiting for me up the road somewhere.

Time went on and I started saving for the motorcycle that I have now. This motorcycle is called “DREAM”. I love both of my bikes and they both have taught me so much. YES, I said it; they both have taught me so much.

It is not always easy being a female rider, because there have been plenty of trips where I had to ride on my own. I made sure that I had directions, my gps, or I just knew where I was going. I would check in with my husband at every gas stop, and just prayed and kept it moving. People would always say “You rode all the way here by yourself?” And I would tell them, “How else would I get here.” I am glad that I made that step to take the class, purchase my motorcycle, and get out there. One of the reasons I ride, is because I have met so many great people; and so many of you have changed my life.

I ride, because it was something that I always wanted to do. I ride, for the freedom. I ride, because it clears my mind from all the troubles in the world. I ride, because I can do it on my OWN. I ride, for the new TRUE friendships. I ride, because I LOVE IT.

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