Why I Ride... Angry Bird

Why I Ride… Angry Bird

Why I Ride... Angry BirdAfter obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I had no desire to unite with classmates nor walk across a stage. I am a Loner and enjoy my own company.

After all that hard work and all the obstacles that I had overcome, I wanted to reward myself. My graduation gift to me was a motorcycle.

Apart from the obvious reasons of: low cost fuel efficiency, adventure, the dangerous exhilaration, the culture and camaraderie;

The reason why I ride is because of the mental fitness that riding provides.
My patience, strength, determination and stamina are all tested each time I get on 2’s. This mental fitness allows me to see what I am really made of.. helps me to broaden my views and expand my horizons, not take things for granted and also a great reminder that there is still some beauty in this world.. Whether it’s a sunrise, sunset, a river or a forest.
I ride to be be physically and mentally free!


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