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Where To Go For Advice

Dear Gemma

Dear Gemma,
I’m an independent rider. I hear so much about protocol and outlaw clubs that I’m always a little nervous when I go to a bike party. I’ve only gone when I’ve been invited by my friends. A few of them are in clubs. But I’m so afraid of doing something wrong and being approached by one of these men. I don’t mind learning but not sure who to ask because I’m not in a club. I hear club business is club business said often by my friends so I don’t even know if I can ask them.
Where To Go For Advice

Dear Where To Go,
It’s good that you want to learn to feel more comfortable in the motorcycle community. It’s not always easy for independent riders, and depending on the area, not all are welcome as civilians (non club members). It seems as if your area is accepting of the Indy rider. Now, being that you are around the patched (club) crowd you should know some fundamental protocol. Protocol is not inherently “club business.” For example; how many riders to start a club, how to ride in formation, the dominant (outlaw) club for your area, are basic information. Club business consists of specific material that pertains to that club, such as; what is spoken during church (meeting), how officers are elected, how many members in that club. You said you have friends already in clubs. Who ever you are most comfortable talking to, and who you think has a firm understanding of the rules that govern the community, that is the friend you ask questions of. There are also a few educational pages on social media that discuss protocol and traditions. Take what you hear and read and match it with what you see. Protocol in one area may vary when you travel into the next area. Do not be afraid to ask a question or to say you don’t know something. Do not get turned off if someone tells you that’s none of your business – at times what seems like an innocent inquiry may actually be club business. Watch and listen to everything going on around you – visual education can be just as enlightening as verbal education. Good luck. May your destiny take you to a better place.