Haters Gonna Hate

Hated By The Non-Rider, Blacklisted By The Club

Haters Gonna HateThe following few statements and questions made me the “troublemaker” and outcast in my former club

  1. Can we start having mandatory rides, going from meeting to the bar once a month isn’t riding to me? That’s less than a mile and that’s bullshit. (btw- it wasn’t even voted on, that’s how unimportant riding was/is to them)
  2. How come the non rider is fully patched and even gets the same vote as me, how does a non rider prospect, and what does a non rider know about being a biker?
  3. 80/20 isn’t a real thing, all of us need to be on bikes, or we are a Social Club.
  4. How much of that last charity event went to the soup kitchen on 2nd street?
  5. Couple in the club- he rode, she didn’t, both fully patched. My question after they split/divorced and SHE managed to nag him to the point of him leaving the club: why are we not supporting the biker, and why are we letting this non rider run a riding member off?
  6. Can I see the books?
  7. Where can I read our bylaws?
  8. Why are we patching in all of these groupies, they don’t ride???
  9. Why does one of these non riders hold the Secretary position???
  10. How come our VP hasn’t had a motorcycle for over 10 month and he isn’t ridin’?

After enduring about a year of this bullshit, I dropped my colors and walked away. That was 3 years ago.

They still don’t give a shit about protocol, still have vested pedestrians. Still don’t ride.

One thing changed though, they went from a one piece patch to a 3 piece patch with City bottom Rocker and that was approved by the dominant in the area.

So yes, sometimes fuckery is taught, supported and embraced by those that are suppose to teach us.


By Contro-versial
SFMC/SFWMC Columnist

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