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Tired Of The Bullshit

dear gemma

Dear Gemma,
Why should I respect and adhere to protocol when men remind us we aren’t welcome here?
Tired of the Bullshit

Dear Tired
Let me be clear to the women and the men – WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE. Men are not the only occupants of this house. We have a key to the door as well. The female population may be smaller than the male population, but there has been a woman on iron since the early 1900’s. The influx of men coming home from wars rode iron built in factories by a large population of women, who played a significant role for Industrial America during wartime. You’re riding machines women helped build during those eras. However, men shaped by society, live out the caveman mind frame in the motorcycle world – last bastion of pure male testosterone. Because they control it, they make the rules. That being said…the culture is pure and should be honored. The traditions should be respected. And the protocol should be followed, unless it’s the made up kind because some man has his panties in a bunch. We, as women, chose to enter this motorcycle community. Most knew coming in that it is a misogynistic society, those that did know quickly found out. Even when greeted with animosity, that should not deter us from doing it the right way. Otherwise, you become a part of the larger problem – the fuckery that has invaded this way of life. My advice is to ignore the reminders of the men – most are attempting to prove their manhood by debasing women. Do not allow their attitudes to disrupt your journey. May your destiny take you to a better place.

Never A Lady On Her Back

Never A Lady On Her BackWritten By: Bessie Truth

It’s a man’s world. You can’t deny that. If God were a woman He would’ve chastised Adam for listening to Eve but instead he punished Eve by giving us the curse of painful child birth. Ask me and men should be pushing babies out their penis but again, no one asked me so I’ll keep that opinion to this page.

But in understanding that this is a man’s world we should also accept the fact that the MC is not just a man’s world, but it’s also their cave. It’s where they believe and know they run things, they set the rules, they can break the rules and basically they ARE the rules.

So where does that leave us as women?

It leaves us where society has always afforded us…right where we stand and the first step we take having been exposed to those rules will determine how much respect we’ll get or not. It’s no different in the MC community.

We’re guests here and the master of the house has his rules but what women need to understand is that he has rules for the men in that house too and we as women can’t say “those rules don’t apply to us” because we chose to come into this house. We walked in and now we’re in they’re house and we should follow the rules and honor them if we want to stay in that house.

But y’know what…

When I’m in the bathroom I’m looking in the cabinets to see what’s up with you. I’m looking at you and how you move in your house and I wonder if that creaky door has been creaking for how long? Do you keep your house clean or messy? Is the landscaping outside beautiful but the house inside a pig sty?

I take what I see and I absorb it and move accordingly. ’cause you keep your house messy doesn’t mean I’m gonna come in and mess it up too. ’cause you allow for dirty dishes in your sink doesn’t mean my motorcycle is gonna follow that. We both know where the dishes belong and if you don’t do right, doesn’t mean that I won’t.

Ladies, there’s no laying down on the job when you claim to be a biker. There are protocols that determine whether you are or not and you follow them.

It might be there house but find your place in that house and pretty soon the King of the Castle will be asking where he put those keys….and of course he’ll be asking you for them.